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The company Klima Zirdum d.o.o. was founded in 2003. It deals with the sale, installation and service of air conditioners. We pay special attention to meeting the agreed deadlines and to the quality assembly of our devices. After assembly, we take all large waste and excess material with us.


Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations. If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us.

Our representatives are available seven days a week for help, information and advice.



Each space is individual by itself, and considering the needs of the client and the demands of the object, we suggest adequate equipment for it.


We propose and offer solutions for placing the indoor unit optimally for your space, as well as placing the outdoor unit in a way that will least disturb the appearance of the building, and meet the user's requirements and within the limits of the optimal operation of the device itself. We install on all types of buildings, heights and approaches.


We provide service within the warranty and non-warranty period. We recommend servicing once a year, except for devices for commercial use where the service intervals are shorter, depending on the operating conditions of the device itself. Service and maintenance of larger facilities can also be arranged by contract if necessary. The warranty on the devices is valid only with regular annual service and only in this way can the flawless operation of the device be ensured. Information and orders for services or a free inspection of your space can be made by phone or e-mail.

Our representatives are available seven days a week for help, information and advice.
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Our clients

  • - Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova
    - RIO Rijeka d.o.o.
    - Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb-naplatne kućice
    - Vijeće Češke nacionalne manjine
    - Iranska ambasada

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - Regnemer d.o.o.
    - IUS software d.o.o.
    - O.Š. Miroslav Mrkša
    - Poslovno savjetovanje Filipović d.o.o.
    - Županijski sud Velika Gorica

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - FER Zavod za telekomunikacije
    - Zagrebačke pekarne "Klara"
    - Poklon galerija "Palatino art"
    - Graditelj Zaprešić d.o.o.
    - Bertid d.o.o.

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - Mercis d.o.o.
    - Kulturni centar Pešćenica
    - Volvo građevinski strojevi d.o.o.
    - M2 motion d.o.o.
    - Cvijetni studio "Hedera"

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - Nana-San d.o.o.
    - Efecto d.o.o.
    - Eurokont d.o.o.
    - Informatički mediji d.o.o.
    - Egle d.o.o.

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - S.G.C. d.o.o.
    - Hotel "GAĐA" Baška voda
    - Buffet "Turist" Klanjec
    - Klesarstvo Fresl
    - Mitra trade d.o.o.

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.
  • - Balfa d.o.o.
    - Magrad d.o.o.
    - Fotomobil d.o.o.
    - Optika Damir d.o.o.

    Klima Zirdum d.o.o.

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